Mark Scott Show – Feb. 21, 2003

Here is another post that should round out the week nicely for everyone! From 16 (short) years ago this morning.  Enjoy!!



Mark Scott Show – Feb. 20, 2003




Mid week! Here is one more show for this week! (Helps with continuity doesn’t it??)


Mark Scott Show – Feb. 19, 2003




Trying something a bit different this week. Enjoy today’s posting!!


Mark Scott Show – Feb. 18, 2003


Welcome back! Extra treat this week to get your snowy week (depending on where you are) off to great start. Mark Scott for a Monday morning!!


Mark Scott Show – Feb. 14, 2003


Happy Valentine’s Day! Mark asks the probing question “when in the Hell did I ever say THAT?” If you can help provide show notes in the comments it would be much appreciated by fellow listeners (topics discussed, noteworthy moments, etc. THANK YOU

Dr Art Robinson’s Home schooling is mentioned.



Operaton Vampire Killer 2000!

I heard about this book on one of Mark’s broadcasts in 1994. He spoke in detail about the plans outlined within its pages. I sent away for it. I read it — but it was a bit beyond me at the time. NOW — it is sooooo much clearer.


Breaking – Failed Attack on Ice Fortress Cult Leader!

christmas_clipart_wreathIt’s Christmas Eve and I always LOVE this report on the suspect Claus and his mutant workers called Elves….

All the best to everyone from the Mark Scott Project