Mark Scott . . . . and Ben Stein?

RedAs promised here is a sample of the great new crop of audio sent in to us from a volunteer. Mark appears to have a disagreement with economist Ben Stein – and they choose to handle their differences during the interview. Not sure about the timeframe but I will try to infer it from commercials and other audio on the cassettes.

Does congress have a Constitutional responsibility to pay off the national debt?? <Click here to read for yourself>

Incidentally, this audio is brought to you by the very generous efforts of a listener who sent in their cassettes to make their audio part of The Mark Scott Project. Without this and other listener’s efforts this site would not be possible.

If you have tapes you would like to contribute (or have them digitized and returned to you) let me know by contacting me. 

And without further delay, here is a short clip of Mark Scott:



Now . . . . We Move On!

First off, apologies for being so quiet for so long. Many things including a move to a new home have kept me off the Project for a while. And during these exciting times no less!

Here is the good news. I have a a series of cassettes that have delivered to Project volunteer that include several Mark Scott programs from WXYT.

The MSP volunteer  had a job change of their own and is running behind on converting the cassettes – BUT THEY ARE COMING.

I also have my Mark Scott Show from Election day 1992 that I will convert and post as well (wanted to do it for this pasty election day but alas…)

Now – for everyone who HAS contacted me that you have cassettes but haven’t yet made arrangements to get them to me please CONTACT ME.

My goal is to post a treasure trove of new Mark Scott material for 2017. And judging by what I have seen in email – we have some GREAT stuff coming (and you know who you are)🙂

I’ll post a teaser from the new materials shortly while we wait.

The Mark Scott  Project is ALIVE AND WELL!



Mark Scott Show, 12/5/2000, Tape 13

640px-US_Flag_BacklitHappy INDEPENDENCE Day!

First off I want to thank EVERYONE who has responded to the call for more Mark Scott tapes. You all are great. And we have already have some of the first new cassettes trickling in to volunteers to begin the conversion process.   So, more to follow. If you haven’t contacted me about how to donate your shows or haven’t arranged to get them to a volunteer – please contact me and let’s get that set up soon.

What follows is the final tape – Tape 13- contribution from the fantastic work done for us by Alice.  Alice, we have been enjoying your tapes for the past year and are very thankful for all of the work you did. It is great.


Here are the liner notes from Alice

Mark Scott Show – WXYT 2000 – Tape 13 1:06:07

December 15, 2000

1. Bill of Rights Day. Does the Bill of Rights matter? Topics: raging against self-defense; psychiatrists examining anti-gun mentality; why would successful people regard themselves as victims?

Mentioned in this broadcast:

2. Interview with Michael Hoban, Executive Director, Brass Roots. Concealed weapons permit passed; discussion of positive and negative aspects of the gun bill. Callers:

a. “Joe from a car phone.” Retired police officer. Absurdity of “no gun zones.”

b. “Frank from Northville.” Can the bill be overturned by referendum?

c. “Bob from Troy.” Firearms instructor.

d. “Steve from Troy.” Having a gun makes you reluctant to use it.

<Break> Mark acknowledges WXYT career ending. Provides information about future web broadcast.


a. “John from his cellular.” Inaudible.

b. “Guy from Ecorse.” Complains about “no gun zones.” Tape Summaries 4-13 Page 11 Note: Tape cuts at this point (original tape is garbled) and returns with:

3. Mark advises of new website: Expresses appreciation to web site designer, Ari Rubenstein.


a. Steve from Auburn Hills.” CCW bill. Inequities in different counties for eligibility to acquire permit. Racist origins of gun control laws [caller held over segment break].

b. “Scott from Romulus.” Shooting victim. End of Interview with Hoban.

4. Interview with health expert, Dr. Ted Broer. Books: Maximum Energy and Maximum Fat Loss. Top 10 foods never to eat: hot dogs, aspartame in diet sodas, margarine/hydrogenated oils.


a. “John from his car.” Value of exercise. Food additives.

b. “Lisa from a cellular.” Amish meat better? Microwave ovens. Aspartame.

c. “Steve from Troy.” Six year old won’t eat.

d. “Michael from Dearborn.” Variables that affect cholesterol.

e. “John from Royal Oak.” Milk and dairy. Mark reminds of new website.

Mark closes his show.



A Clarion Call to All Who Have Cassette Tapes!

DFPC46417_grandeI know that I have had numerous contacts over the years with many of you who have said “hey, I have a few Mark Scott cassette tapes.”

As one person noted to me – ‘Mark always encouraged us to tape the broadcast because it had vitally important information and we would need to be able to listen (and re-listen) to the show on our own time.

Those broadcasts that Mark asked you to record exist. They are each a time capsule and have bits and pieces of Mark’s program scattered over many homes and many basements.

Now Is the Time

We aren’t going to live forever and I want to make one solid, huge push to locate and gather all remaining Mark Scott recordings and get them on this site to be enjoyed before there is no point in doing so.

Alice has performed a wonderful job of ensuring her cassettes are not only preserved – but enjoyed by all of us.

What To Do Next

We have Mark Scott Project volunteers to whom you can send your cassettes and they will digitize them to MP3s and load them to our Mark Scott site just like Alice did. We have the people, we have the means…

we just need to get those tapes added to the project once and for all.

I know I have just gone through my email archives and reached out to any of you that have contacted me over the last 2 years about having tapes and I have asked for how best to move this forward with your tapes.

If you are new to he site and you have cassettes – I need to hear from you.

Let’s make one push to gather ALL remaining cassettes of Mark’s broadcast and get them here for all to enjoy.

I look forward to hearing from you.


Mark Scott Show – WXYT 2000 – Tape 12

Mark_Scott_3Here is Tape 12 from the wonderful work that Alice did for us.  This one is interesting because it is near the end of Mark’s terrestrial broadcast career
Mark Scott Show – WXYT 2000
Tape 12.mp3 – 1:08:00
December 14, 2000 – Hour 1
Show Opening (audio is fair in this section but picks up). News items: Can Mr. Bush lead? Courts deciding elections; Voting procedures.
1. Interview with Brian J. Finegan
. Author of The Federal Subsidy Beast: The Rise of a Supreme Power in a Once Great Democracy.
2. Lew Rockwell article , “Media Intent,” December 14, 2000,
            [Note: tape flip – some loss of audio]
Commercial Break. ….Continuation of discussion of Lew Rockwell article.
Quotations from Alexis de Tocqueville; Warren Mass,
The New American (…being good is not enough….); Robert Welch of John Birch Society.
Mark might not come back. Comments on vulgar Christmas parody.
“Francis from Clinton Twp.” Politicians comparison of themselves to Founding Fathers; election observations.
b) “Joe from a car.” Opinion of Al Gore and liberals as subjugating Blacks, who don’t seem to see it.
c) “Rick from Sterling Heights.” Criticizes media coverage of election.
d) “Jeremy from Redford.” Unending racial issues.
Interview tomorrow with Mike Hoban, re concealed weapons permit.
End of Show

Stay tuned as I continually mine, sift, and clean up new Mark audio in the coming weeks!

If you have anything you can contribute – I AM IN NEED OF ADDITIONAL AUDIO

Mark Scott – Tape 11: Dec 6, 2000

DFPD14753_grandeGetting fit for the New Year! Mark was a voracious reader with show prep.
Here is Tape 11 from Alice’s great work from a while back. As always – THANK YOU, ALICE!
Mark Scott Project – WXYT 2000 – Tape 11.mp3
41:41,  December 6, 2000
1. American Community Survey. Intrusive census and loss of privacy.
2.The Freedom Party of Canada. Letter received by The Freedom Party of Canada, advising that authorities considered them an extremist group, part of the “The Northern Alliance,” and request for members to appear at the London Police Headquarters to identify their position. What are “extremist” groups? The “intellectual package deal.” Barry Goldwater quote. Upcoming interview with Robert Metz.
3. Items in the News. FDA approved Ru486 Abortion Pill. Some discussion.
<Tape cuts off here.>

Interesting Mark Scott Video Clip

Screenshot 2016-01-01 at 10.53.05 PMHappy 2016! While continuing to mine then internet recently for more obscure Mark Scott media I ran across this video clip. Mark appears at the 3 minute 17 second point – unfortunately you will have to set it there yourself as I can not bookmark it.

Not sure who the interviewer is – but Mark is obviously doing a good deed by appearing….this clip is a demo for a couple of documentaries that this woman was doing. As such, the Mark segment is short.