Mark Scott – Nov 25, 2002

Happy Holidays! The Dr. of the Republic is back once again.

It’s Monday – does Mark play fun and games? 888-775-8200 or Here are the topics covered in today’s show

  • Iraq War – what is the government’s approach? Focused, specific, and goal-oriented.
  • Islam – vague, non-specific and no objective
  • Couple of follow ups to the Kennedy assassination topic from last week.
  • And what’s going on in the intelligence community? How is the CIA involved and why.




Mark Scott Show – Nov. 12, 2002

A salute to all of our VETERANS today! And especially to Mark (a Korean War vet himself)

Mark tackles the article ‘The Election We Deserve” and discusses that Nancy Pelosi may become Speaker of the House . . . . . . wait a minute – is this current? Nope, it’s 2002 (some things NEVER change!)



Mark Scott and “The Man in the Glass”

Another short reflection by Mark Scott! Have truer words been spoken?

Mark Scott and “The Tree That Never Had to Fight”

Here is a great reflection from Mark Scott. Something to think about.

The Tree That Never Had to Fight

Mark Scott Show Aug 28, 2002

The growing angst about the coming Iraq war are occupying Mark’s mind during these broadcasts. And believe me — Mark has a point of view and doesn’t mind expressing it!!

Also, at the 21m point, Mark reminisces about those sweatshirts he used give away all those years ago — sometimes 13 calls an hour just to get them.\

Step back with us now and this fantastic broadcast!

I want to thank Nick once again for all of these GREAT broadcasts. I hope we don’t forget how truly special it is to be able to hear these particular shows again.

Also, check out this complete article from 1987, Mark Scott: Gladiator of the Air from Jim over at Motor City Radio Flashbacks — this is just great!



Mark Scott Show – Aug 23, 2002

Welcome back and it is Friday!

Today Mark tackles the complicated topics of the preparation for the Iraq War — are we ready for an invasion? Are we not going to repeat the mistakes of the past? Fascinating view to listen to as we know what the aftermath of the war really was.


Mark Scott Show – August 21, 2002

Mark is tackling world populations and  <gasp> global warming — although it has been updated to Climate Change (e.g weather)

Show Notes

  • George W. declines attending Rio to talk climate change
  • President stays home and doesn’t repeat the Kyoto Treaty debacle
  • What is the root of environmentalism and its agenda?
  • Hint: anti growth + depopulation = sustainable development
  • And a quick diversion into the Civil War
  • All this and more on today’s broadcast