Mark Scott Show Aug 28, 2002

The growing angst about the coming Iraq war are occupying Mark’s mind during these broadcasts. And believe me — Mark has a point of view and doesn’t mind expressing it!!

Also, at the 21m point, Mark reminisces about those sweatshirts he used give away all those years ago — sometimes 13 calls an hour just to get them.\

Step back with us now and this fantastic broadcast!

I want to thank Nick once again for all of these GREAT broadcasts. I hope we don’t forget how truly special it is to be able to hear these particular shows again.

Also, check out this complete article from 1987, Mark Scott: Gladiator of the Air from Jim over at Motor City Radio Flashbacks — this is just great!




Mark Scott Show – Aug 23, 2002

Welcome back and it is Friday!

Today Mark tackles the complicated topics of the preparation for the Iraq War — are we ready for an invasion? Are we not going to repeat the mistakes of the past? Fascinating view to listen to as we know what the aftermath of the war really was.


Mark Scott Show – August 21, 2002

Mark is tackling world populations and  <gasp> global warming — although it has been updated to Climate Change (e.g weather)

Show Notes

  • George W. declines attending Rio to talk climate change
  • President stays home and doesn’t repeat the Kyoto Treaty debacle
  • What is the root of environmentalism and its agenda?
  • Hint: anti growth + depopulation = sustainable development
  • And a quick diversion into the Civil War
  • All this and more on today’s broadcast


Mark Scott Show – April 4, 1981

Well here is another RARE find! This is the second broadcast from 1981. Mark interviews guest David Lifton about presidential assassinations. This is simply the most amazing – and unique – audio find to hear Mark on the air from nearly 37 years ago. Amazing!

You know, many of these broadcasts come to me on cassettes or already in digital format. I have no reason to question their source or where someone may have received them from before making their way to me. These are air checks after all. But in this case we have found what we believe is the original source. These rare 1981 broadcasts appear to have come from the personal collection of Jim Feliciano at Motor City Radio Flashbacks ( . We at the Mark Scott Project always want to credit the true and proper source wherever possible. “A” is “A” and Jim has a truly amazing preservation with two 1981 broadcasts.

The original post at Motor City Radio Flashbacks can be seen here. 

Excelsior, Jim!

Mark Scott Show – Aug 16, 2002

Listening to The Mark Scott Show is The Age of Enlightenment! Your mind needs to be exercised– bent, stretched, and made stronger. That’s what listening to this broadcast will do for you!

Show Notes

  • Mark touches briefly on Americanism
  • He also mentions former program directors who ribbed Mark as a ‘conspiracy theorist’
  • Mark talks a little about his school days and the best teacher he ever had – HTO Blue. If you’ll remember, Mark talked about HTO back in 1993 also (You can listen here)
  • Mark is going to talk a little about Elvis Presley (because Aug 16 is the date Presley passed) — has anyone seen Elvis recently
  • Was Elvis hysteria  a ‘girl’ thing and not a ‘guy’ thing?
  • What was the secret to Elvis’ success? Do you think Mark is an Elvis fan??
  • Mark also talks about being a disc jockey and trying to get Jerry Lee Lewis to do an interview.
  • Einstein and Relativity?


Mark Scott Show – Aug 14, 2002

Mark returns and, man, is he fired up this time! Best to not get in is way and listen to the facts unfold.

Show Notes

  • The return of the ‘Wild Ass of a Man’ to center stage.
  • There are web links mentioned in the show (not repeated here)
  • And a Judge that actually gets it right — drug use and its effects on the heart
  • A brief review of the Malice Green topic.
  • Fasten your seat belts and keep your hands inside the vehicle at all times . . . all this and more on this edition of the Mark Scott Show!

The Creature from Jekyll Island – A New Look at the Fed

I have recently gotten my hands on a copy of a book I heard Mark Scott speak so much abut – but, honestly, I had never read. The Creature from Jekyll Island is absolutely stunning and fantastic! A great read.

It is a veritable textbook for everything we have heard throughout the years on Mark’s program. He mentioned the book often. The use of the monetary system to remove the sovereignty of the U.S., the ‘hidden tax’ on all citizens (e.g. inflation) and the unpacking of the master plan to control every nation not through guns – but through finances via the Federal Reserve, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, etc., etc. We are all familiar with the names of these shadow organizations – but to systematically read it unfolded like tis is truly stunning.

I have linked to the the full text at or you can find it at your favorite used book site.

Definitely required reading for Mark Scott!