September 5, 1990 Mark Scott with Denise McCourt on WXYT

Okay folks. Here is another audio find. Mark Scott talks gas prices with Denise McCourt of the Associated Petroleum Industries of Michigan.

Historically this is September 1990, a few months before we began Operation Desert Storm on January 15, 1991.

What’s interesting to me is that this one always bothered me, too. When something happens in the Middle East, the gas price goes up instantaneously. No one ever gave me a cogent answer until a professor at Oakland University explained it simply. She explained that it was not based solely upon economics but rather upon accounting principles. Oil companies operate on LIFO accounting (last in, first out) for pricing. Meaning the price of gas is reflected by the price of crude that the oil company is paying today — not two months  ago.

Hmm. I wonder if Ms. McCourt will give this answer to Mark when he hits her squarely with that very question.

A note about the also. September 5, 1990. I was able to narrow in on the approximate date (not exact) by listening to the news segment at the top of the 10:00AM hour. It made a few references to Governor Blanchard and then to an item about Mohowak Indians who were in their 8th week of an armed standoff with Canadian military over a land dispute (if interested more information can be found here) .

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September 5, 1990: Mark Scott with Denise McCourt Talking Gas Prices (9AM Hour)


September 5, 1990: Mark Scott with Denise McCourt Talking Gas Prices (Top of the 10AM Hour)


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More David Kelly and Objectivism (03-06-92)


We have two further clips from the David Kelly interview Mark did on March 6, 1992. The two clips come from the tail end of hour 2 and the first segment of Hour 3. I may piece all of these clips together to have one David Kelly segment (for those that are interested). Never the less…


and the Hour 3 clip….


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Mark Scott and Larry Abraham

sony_cassette_tapeBack again and here is another clip from the current tape collection that we are working our way through. (Thank you M.P.!)

Mark interviews Larry Abraham.

From Wikipedia

Larry H. Abraham (1939 – July 7, 2008)[1] was the co-founder of PanAmerica Capital Group, Inc.,[2] author and a speaker on political, economic, and financial topics. He was a member of Robert W. Welch, Jr.‘s John Birch Society. He was the co-author with Gary Allen of the 1971 best-seller None Dare Call It Conspiracy, which sold more than five million copies during the 1972 U.S. presidential election.[3]


David Kelley, Objectivism, and Ayn Rand

sony_cassette_tapeHere is a clip of Mark interviewing David Kelley from the Ayn Rand Institute (incomplete interview).

Mark gets into some of the essence of Objectivism and takes a caller’s question about how history will regard Ayn Rand.




A Pair of Callers – Governor Romney??


First off, THANK YOU again. We just hit 50 followers on the Mark Scott Project site!

Here is another audio file, just converted. Two different callers call in to Mark. The second one caught me by surprise – it’s Governor Romney.

Taking a few date clues in the conversation,  I date the Romney clip as November 1991 (referencing President H.W. Bush and the 20 year anniversary of Disney World). Incidentally, I don’t think the Governor has his philosophy exactly right.

Much, much more to come as I start to increase my posting rate coming up here. So much material to get through.



Caller Don About Ben Stein

ben-steinWe are BACK! And do we ever have new material for you this year. You guys are AWESOME – you will definitely have you socks knocked off this year!!

This follow up to the Ben Stein call that was previously posted.

Caller Don wants to talk some more about it. BUT, he also hints that there are still tickets available to a speech Mark Scott was giving at Oakland University.

It’s on the ’27th of the month’ (not sure what month or year) Couple of questions for everyone: A) Do you know the date of the speech (which will help date this clip) and B) Does anyone have audio or video of that speech??

Stay tuned for more (much more)…

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Failed Attack on Cult Leader in His Ice Fortress

christmas_clipart_wreathIt’s Christmas Eve and I always LOVE this report on the suspect Claus and his mutant workers called Elves….

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