Mark Scott ‘Fast Take’

This is a little clip that was tacked onto the end of a tape that was being converted. Frank from Detroit continues the religion topic and Mark indulges him until . . .

. . . .Mark doesn’t.

REALLY short bonus clip. Enjoy!


Mark Scott and Caller Discuss ‘Malachai’

Mark and caller Pat discuss Malachai. Pat also has some nice raison cinnamon bread for Mark (if he can find a way to get it). Another example of the closeness and bond Mark shared with his audience.




Mark Scott on Why God Can’t be Infinite

Mark gets into a tedious discussion with a caller about why God doesn’t exist as nothing can be infinite.

Decent audio with only a few drop outs here.

(Note: I do not agree with the views expressed in this clip)




Mark Scott Discusses Taboo Topics

I had a few reservations (given the topic) about posting this one given the ‘sewer pipe’ aspect of the internet and the troll-bot spam I will likely get as a result but here it goes.

Mark Scott discusses the adult industry and the degrading of people. Mark interviews author Eric Nadler and his book “The United States of America vs. Sex: How the Meese Commission Lied” This is a segment and not the entire show.


We are slowly making our way through our vast corpus of audio to get new Mark Scott on this site faster.



Who was Mark Scott?

Ahead of his time, prescient and passionate in his views – who was Mark Scott. Aside from those of us on the MSP who remember and listened to Mark ‘back in the day,’ how would anyone unfamiliar with Mark know who he was today? What did he stand for? Why was he so different?

If you are stumbling onto this blog and have never heard of Mark Scott before . . .here is Mark in his own words explaining his philosophy.

And here is Mark explaining the approach to society and how to change it to a caller…


On another note I have some exciting news. Similar to when Howard Carter broke through a tomb wall in Egypt to discover the untouched treasures of King Tut – we have been sent a VERY SPECIAL box of tapes from a follower of this blog. The box is full of over 200 cassette tapes of Mark’s broadcasts that we are working to convert right now. Much more content coming to the Mark Scott Project!


Mark Scott and Ernest Lefever

I don’t have a date for this montage, but here is a segment of Mark Scott interviewing Earnest Lefever

I don’t have a date. But it also includes another segment at the end of this one.


12th Anniversary of Mark’s Passing

The Mark Scott Project notes that this is the 12th anniversary of the date Mark passed away.

We all remember him fondly. Excelsior, Mark!